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The Valley Riso della Valle del Po

The Valley

The largest Italian river flows and expands sinuously between rice fields and villages, as it shapes the valley. It is a land in which people have placed their hopes, one that holds their most cherished memories: this is the Po valley. Embraced and protected by the snow-capped peaks of the Alpine chain and by the rolling hills of the Apennines, it expands peacefully along with many smaller water courses in a rhythmic succession of colourful fields, characterized by the changes in seasons between sowing, harvesting and mowing. It is here that Po Valley rice is grown, in the past with oxen and today with the most modern equipment, but always with the same care and dedication. Just like a child growing up, rice can face a thousand adversities along the way: only the rice farmer’s attentive eye and expertise can determine the success of the crop, or appreciate the sea of swaying husks in the wind. Po valley rice is enjoyed by many great chefs to create delicious, simple and authentic dishes.