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The Committee Riso della Valle del Po

The Committee

A group of seven associations of large rice growing cooperatives of Lombardy and Piedmont, together with seven prestigious rice growing industries of the same area, a perfectly balanced supply chain, have formed a Promoting Committee to call for the legal status and protection through an EU Protecting Geographical Indication (PGI).The Promoting Committee has decided that consumer is guaranteed rice that is grown and processed in the Po Valley, and that it complies with the rules that ensure excellent quality, that is, through the prohibition of sewerage sludge being spread on rice fields, the use of healthy and certified seed, the thorough drying of rice fields and the possible varietal certification through DNA analysis. Finally, to guarantee perfectly uniform cooking, grain husking will be performed delicately and attentively, eliminating breakage or defects, in order to preserve the high organoleptic qualities and precious nutritional values typical of Po Valley rice.This is the rice we have in mind, this amazing product of the Po Valley, for which we seek protection.

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