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Lands of water Riso della Valle del Po

Lands of water

The rice field is completely man-made. It is an engineering masterpiece made up of slightly different levels, consuming neither water nor land: the water is used three times before returning to the earth. No consumption, no waste. Man's love of the Po Valley rice fields dates back five centuries when, thanks to their constant work, the territory was shaped, making it the fertile paradise it is today. One of the great minds of all time, the genius Leonardo da Vinci, contributed to the development of the irrigation network of Lombardy. This constant work over the centuries utilises the perennial waters from the melting alpine snowfields, directing them towards the numerous canals of the rice fields, therefore guaranteeing submersion. Through this effective recovery of water, the hydrological system of the entire Po Valley is balanced. In this way, our land becomes the wonderful "mirrors of water that double the sky with reflections of blue and white clouds."

Alessandro Barbaglia from LA STAMPA del 01/05/2018